Facets And Realities Of Cyber Security Threats | Alexandru Catalin Cosoi | TEDxBucharest

Alexandru Cosoi helps us look at the past, present and future of computers and the Internet of Things. In his world, good hackers help companies by showing vulnerabilities in corporate systems, while bad hackers make a lot of money by exploiting those same issues. And since the future will connect us further more to each other and the objects around us, we will be more and more at risk of surprises and rely on experts like him to make sure we are safe in the cyber world.

As Bitdefender’s Chief Security Strategist, Alexandru Catalin Cosoi wears many hats, from energizing and publicizing the company’s technological progress from within the CTO Office to leading the cyber-intelligence team tasked with helping local and international law enforcement agencies fight cybercrime. Alexandru is also a member of the Internet Security Advisory Group at Europol and Bitdefenderā€™s liaison with Interpol, and he is in direct contact with 60 CERTs worldwide.

Throughout the past decade, Alexandru has been delivering talks and trainings to numerous international events, evangelizing the threat landscape of the cybersecurity industry, dissecting attacks and training people to use different technologies.

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